Professional Body Representing Malaysian Physiotherapists

The Crest
  • The crest shall be an oval shaped shield with a smaller oval within. The shape dissipates strength, power and endurance. In the background between the oval is white. The name of the Association is written in Bahasa Malaysia on the top half of the semi-circle and in English around the lower half. The lettering is written in black colour.
  • The smaller oval shape has a 2/3 blue background with the other 1/3 in red and white stripes.
  • The upper 1/3 represents the Malaysian flag (crescent and star in yellow and 14 red white stripes). It is a symbol of pride for the nation. This will also enhanced recognition of the Malaysian Physiotherapist by the foreigners. The stripes and star also mean the presence of physiotherapist’ in all Malaysian states.
  • The lightning in yellow is a symbol of pain, problems and difficulties faced by our patients.
  • The globe in white is a symbol of globalization as we receive and impact knowledge all over the world. We can help make this globe/world a better place to live in.
  • The red figure represents the patient while the light blue figure represents a rehabilitated patient after physiotherapy treatment.
  • The 2 snakes in yellow are an international symbol for health and medical services.
  • The pair of hands in white represents “hands on” therapy and that the “helping hands” of a physiotherapist is ever ready to serve its clients.