Professional Body Representing Malaysian Physiotherapists

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MPA Mission

Steer Physiotherapy Education

Steer physiotherapy education – define research skills and mindset need to be taught, learnt and nurtured during the course of training for Physiotherapists to develop an enquiring clinical reasoning mindset, spur innovation and creativity and ensure best practices for the patient. This translates to the need for higher levels of entry and degree level training for physiotherapists. Work towards abolishing Diploma level programs.

Institute Evidence-Based Practice

Ensure Evidence-based practice by system of monitoring and certification. Evidence-based practice includes the integration of best available research, clinical expertise, and patient/client values and circumstances related to patient/client management, practice management, and health care policy decision making.

Institute Certification Programme

To ensure professionalism and top quality care and to be highly recognized nationally and internationally, MPA will work towards developing/collaborating to offer Certification programs to demonstrate that physiotherapy services meets the latest scientific standards.

Nurture Physiotherapy Leaders

To take steps towards developing committed leadership at all levels – good leaders and head of departments at each unit, level, with specialisation to nurture interest in the juniors/the team in work ethics, professional development and learning.

Increase Public Awareness

To lead and unify Physiotherapists in Malaysia to engage in activities and campaigns to raise awareness of the public on the role, relevance and impact of physiotherapy in enhancing health and general wellbeing.

Our Vision

To take active responsibility and facilitate the growth of the physiotherapy profession so that Malaysian physiotherapists will be practitioners of choice among consumers and other health care professionals.

Guiding Principle

MPA Vision and Mission will be guided by the principles of integrity, life-long learning, and a commitment to comprehensive and accessible health programs for all people.