Professional Body Representing Malaysian Physiotherapists


MPA History

It is with pride the Malaysian physiotherapy Association reflects on 25 years of activity. The pioneers who brought physiotherapy into Malaysia were the expatriates and later Malaysians were sent on Colombo plan scholarship to services the country. A number of these dynamic physiotherapists were the first to motivate the information of the association, in view of the urgent need to protect the status and prestige of the profession and to maintain a high standard of physiotherapy in the country.

The Malaysian Physiotherapy Association was first conceived in Jan. 19th, 1963 at the physiotherapy department of the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. Four physiotherapists and a doctor were present and a pro-tem committee was formed. Dr. M. K. Rajkumar (Orthopedic Registrar at the G.H then) an ardent supporter and non-practicing physiotherapists in the country led to an inaugural meeting on March 9th, 1963. Prior to registration as an association there were 12 members.

The Association was registered in August 6th, 1963.

MPA History

From a handful the association today is proud to have a membership of 131, fully paid members as of 1986. Today, the Malaysian Physiotherapy Association is a national professional association providing stimulus towards professionalization through the acknowledgement of continuing education and achievement of higher standards of patient care. To further service the needs of the members there are regional representatives in Kuala Lumpur, established in 1974, which offers a 3 year Certificate training program.

Through the years the Association has been involved in many activities, especially during the early years it had also acted as an advisory body for the setting up of physiotherapy services in the public and community health centers. The strive for progression has stimulated many activities of interest to promote continued education, two international conferences were organized by the Association in 1970 and 1978, which were both held in Kuala Lumpur.

The Association has consolidation it’s position internationally by becoming a member of the world confederation for Physical Therapy in 1974, and is the founder member of the Asian Confederation Physical Therapy which held it’s first inaugural meeting in 1980.the initiative to highlight the Association internationally had motivated a number of members to present the MPA in these international congress and conferences from time to time.

Administrative, secretarial and financial duties were provided on an honorary basis by the Executive Committee of the Association on a 2 year term basis and the official address of the Association has either been at the University or General Hospital Physiotherapy Departments. The size of the Executive Committee comprises of eight members, consisting of a President, Vice president, secretary, Treasurer and four Committee Members.

The income of the Association has been on membership subscriptions and occasional collections made during course/seminar/workshop registrations.