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1 2021-06-14 Effects of Concurrent Tasks on Gait Performance in Children With Traumatic Brain Injury Versus Children With Typical Development Annals of Rehabilitation Medicine
2 2021-04-21 Dual-Tasking Effects on Gait and Turning Performance of Stroke Survivors with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences
3 2021-04-01 Prevalence and Pattern of Musculoskeletal Injuries Among Malaysian Hockey League Players Malaysian Orthopaedic Journal
4 2021-05-06 Training parameters and effects of high-intensity interval training in patients with spinal cord injury: a review of literature Physical Therapy Reviews
5 2021-04-01 Barriers to Physical Activity and Exercise Amongst Persons With Physical Disability in a Government-funded Teaching Hospital, Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Journal of Medical and Health Sciences
6 2021-01-01 The Impact of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy on Spatiotemporal Gait Parameters in Stroke Survivors: A Case-Control Study Sains Malaysiana
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